plasma cutting plant      
      Numerical control subaqueous plasma cutting / fire cutting machine with model ERGOSTAR EXA4500 made by ESAB

3~80mm  effective cutting thickness: 3~80mm
13000mm  effective cutting length: 13000mm
3700mm  effective cutting width: 3700mm
     Specialty: it can be done by the same machine for plasma cutting and fire cutting.  
      2)    Numerical control dried plasma cutting machine with model Cortina DP4000 made by MESSER
 effective cutting thickness: 3~30mm
 effective cutting length: 21500mm
 effective cutting width: 3000mm

Specialty: high precision, high speed, perfect surface.
         The above 2 equipments are prepared and collocated for the big steel structure and profiled parts cutting in Leong Jin (Shanghai).
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